Award of Appreciation, 1948

George W. Crile, MD

Dr. George Crile was the recipient posthumously of the Association’s second Award of
Appreciation at the fifteenth annual banquet. In presenting the award, Miss Lucy E.
Richards, the president, said:
"Thirty seven years ago, a world-famous surgeon made it possible for nurses to become the
right kind of anesthetists. In 1911, at his instigation, the first formal school for the
training of nurses in anesthesia was opened at the old Lakeside Hospital in Cleveland. The
significance of his pioneer achievement is thrown into bold relief when we compare the
caliber of the anesthesia service in American hospitals before and since that time. Living
memorials to him are the 54 formal schools for the training of nurse anesthetists in
registered hospitals in this country. Because of his vision and his confidence, the
anesthesia service in over 75 per cent of the nation’s registered hospitals is being conducted by nurse anesthetists educated in schools patterned after the one of which he is the founder.
"Tonight, it is my pleasure, acting in behalf of the Board of Trustees and the members of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, to announce the second Award of Appreciation in the honor and memory of Dr. George Crile and in recognition of his contribution to the advancement of the nurse anesthetist."
Miss Richards then read a letter from the late Mrs. Crile who had been invited to receive the award in Dr. Crile’s name:
"I think I never have had an invitation give me greater pleasure than yours from the nurse anesthetists, nor can I imagine any citation in recognition of Dr. Crile’s interest and support that would mean more for me to receive, as he believed in the nurse anesthetist, and their distinguished work was always his pride."
Source: Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. 1949;14(4):334.