Major Katherine A. Heath, CRNA, MSNA

AANA is proud to recognize:

Major Katherine A. Heath, CRNA, MSNA

Military Branch, Rank, and Unit Serving With:
U.S. Air Force, Major, Unit 73005, 321st EMEDS
Reported for Active Duty: November 2002
Hometown: Oak Park, Ill.
Of Interest: This is Katherine's first deployment, during which she has served as chief of anesthesia services as well as chief nurse for her unit. She is the sole anesthesia provider in a remote location. She has been able to spend time with people from her host nation learning about the culture. When not deployed, Katherine loves the ocean: scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. She also loves to travel and has been part of a training team that teaches in third world countries. She has a son living in Portland, Ore., and after a long visit with him when this deployment concludes she hopes to move to Tampa, Fla.
Posted June 21, 2003