Major John Dulaveris, CRNA, AN; and Major Anne Mitzak, CRNA, AN, ANP

AANA is proud to recognize:

Major John E. Dulaveris, CRNA, AN

Major Anne Mitzak, CRNA, AN, ANP

Military Branch, Rank, and Unit Serving With:
Both are U.S. Army Nurse Corps, Majors, Assigned to 249th Task Force, FST, Afghanistan
Reported for Active Duty: January 2005–September 2005
Hometown: Major Mitzak: South Orange, N.J.
Major Dulaveris: Milwaukee, Wis.
Of Interest: Major Anne Mitzak is currently stationed in Landstuhl, Germany when not deployed with the 249th TF. Major Dulaveris is currently stationed at Ft. Gordon, Ga. He is married to Nicola with three beautiful children: Steven, Lauren, and Jenna. When not administering anesthesia, the Majors are hunting for Osama bin Laden. "He cannot run for long."
 Major John E. Dulaveris and Major Anne Mitzak
Posted May 27, 2005