Major Jennifer Coyner, CRNA

AANA is proud to recognize:

Major Jennifer Coyner, CRNA

Military Branch, Rank, and Unit Serving With:
U.S. Army, Major, 135th Forward Surgical Team, Korea
Reports for Active Duty: All (see below) are currently serving tours of various lengths (one to three years). "We help sustain the health of U.S. and Republic of Korea soldiers who deter North Korea 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are proud to take care of these soldiers!"
Hometown: Takoma Park, Md.
Of Interest: Interests are golf, running and getting home soon!!! Prior to this assignment in Korea, Major Coyner was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, with the 28th Combat Support Hospital from October 2003 to February 2004.

Major Jennifer Coyner with her team in Korea
LTC Jeff Jerde, CRNA, 121st General Hospital; LTC Sim, MDA, 121st General Hospital; Major Jen Coyner, CRNA, 135th Forward Surgical Team; Captain DJ Kimbler, CRNA, Commander, 127th Forward Susrgical Team; and LTC Art Savignac, CRNA, 121st General Hospital.

Picture submitted by Major Coyner.


Posted July 5, 2005