Deployed CRNAs Submission Guidelines

All photographs and information posted in this section are to be submitted by the CRNA or a member of the nurse anesthetist's family. Submissions from anyone outside the CRNA or the family will not be accepted.

To submit a photograph and information:
Provide the CRNA's name and credentials (Example: JoAnne Smith, CRNA, MS, CCRN)

Provide Military Branch, Rank and Unit Serving With (Example: Army, Private 1st Class, 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Forward Support Battalion). Do not provide the CRNA's current location for reasons of national security; however this section is open to CRNAs serving anywhere in the world.

Provide the timeframe (month, year) when CRNA was deployed (Example: February 2012)

Provide Hometown City and State (Example: Madison, Wis.)

Provide a brief "Of Interest" description -- no more than 50 words (Example: This is JoAnne's second deployment. She and her husband were married two days before her most recent deployment. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wis., and enjoys playing the tuba in her spare time.)

Photographs should be submitted electronically. They should be at least 200 dpi resolution and in .jpg or .gif format, and less than 1.5 MB in file size.
Please email all information and any photographs to the web editor.