CDR Karin E. Lundgren, NC, USN, CRNA, MSN

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CDR Karin E. Lundgren, CRNA, MSN, NC, USN

Military Branch, Rank, and Unit Serving With:
U.S. Navy, Commander, currently deployed with Fleet Hospital Portsmouth in Kuwait. Providing medical support for U.S. and allied forces in Southern Iraq and Kuwait.
Estimated Return: September 2004
Of Interest: Currently our unit is deployed in theatre for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Myself and two other CRNAs (LCDR Brad Hartgerink and LT James Robertson) and one anesthesiologist, make up our anesthesia team. This is my second deployment in this theatre in the past year. Needless to say without the support of friends and family back home, it would be much more difficult to rise to the occasion. Especially so, since I find myself absent from my state during my current tenure as President-elect for the Virginia Association. I feel confident in knowing that those who remain stateside are also doing their part while those of us are deployed. Thanks for all your support.
Posted May 29, 2004