1LT Dale Heron, CRNA, MSN and Major Lorraine Slomovic, CRNA

AANA is proud to recognize:

1LT Dale Heron, CRNA, MSN
Major Lorraine Slomovic, CRNA

Military Branch, Rank, and Unit Serving With:
Army Reserves, 1LT (Heron), Major (Slomovic), 1982nd Forward Surgical Team (FST), Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Reported for Active Duty: July 2003 - October 2003
Hometown: Major Slomovic is from Rochester, N.Y.; 1LT Heron is from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Of Interest: The FST was the busiest in theater and saw many American and Middle Eastern casualties. LT Heron has his MSN from the University of Pittsburgh.
Posted December 8, 2003
1LT Dale Heron with vaporizer
Dale with the draw over vaporizer.
Jose, Laurie and Dale
Jose, Laurie, and Dale.