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Standing left to right: Vicky Giannopoulos, BA, State Associations Coordinator; Spencer Harvey, CRNA;  
Mary O'Brien, EJD, MSN, CRNA, ARNP; Kate Jansky, MS, CRNA, LCT (ret.); Laura Ardizzone, DNP, CRNA; 
Steve Mund, DNP, CRNA; Jay Hopper, MSNA, CRNA 

Seated left to rightLuis A. Rivera, MBA, CAE, Senior Director of State Management Affairs; Chair, Tracy Castleman, MS, CRNA, APN; Sara Nelli, MA, CAE, State Associations Relations Specialist


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Committee Purpose
The members of the State Organizational Development Committee carry out the duties outlined in the AANA Bylaws as shown below.

State Organizational Development Committee Position Description

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Committee Members:

Chair, Tracy Castleman, MS, CRNA, APN

Laura Ardizzone, DNP, CRNA -

Spencer Harvey, CRNA -

Jay Hopper, MSNA, CRNA -

Steve Mund, DNP, CRNA -

Mary O'Brien, EJD, MSN, CRNA, ARNP -
Kate Jansky, MS, CRNA, LTC (ret.) (AANA Treasurer) -

Luis Rivera, MBA, CAE, Senior Director, State Management Affairs - 

Vicky Giannopoulos, BA, State Associations Coordinator -
Sara Nelli, MA, CAE, State Associations Relations Specialist

 AANA Bylaw Language


Article XIII, Section 5, I: State Organizational Development Committee
The SODC shall be comprised of the Treasurer and six additional members representing both small and large states.  The SODC shall be responsible for the following:
1.  Reviewing applications for funding from the Organizational Health Allocation (OHA) and Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for a final decision on the requests for funding.

2.  Working in conjunction with the Directors to assist State Associations with organizational development issues.

3.  Reviewing and updating the Guidelines for State Organizational Health and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for its revision.


 Meeting Dates

  • ​September 11-12, 2015 - Chicago, IL
  • Conference Calls

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