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Standing left to rightDan Lovinaria, CRNA, MBA, MS, DNP; Marlene McDowell, MA (staff); Vickie Stuart, CRNA, DNP; Monique Bowersox, CRNA, MNA; Andre Cruz, RN, BSN (Student Representative); Ryan Werblow, CRNA, MSN; Armentia Snyder, BA (staff)  

Seated left to right: Lara Barrow, CRNA, MHS; Chair Heather Rankin, CRNA, MSN;  Karen Sutkus (staff); Chris Bettin, MA (staff);


Committee Purpose
The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the following projects and programs: promotion of nurse anesthetists through development and implementation of image building campaigns; development and implementation of public awareness and education campaigns; creation of information publications such as the Before Anesthesia and After Anesthesia brochures; coordination and staffing of the trade show exhibiting program; production of various educational sessions and programs at national meetings; coordination of the Student Mentoring Program at the Mid-Year Assembly; creation of National Nurse Anesthetists Week theme; and selection of the annual PR Recognition Awards. 

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​Committee Members:
Chair, Heather J. Rankin, CRNA, MSN -
Lara A. Barrow, CRNA, MHS -
Monique Bowersox, CRNA, MNA -
Dan Lovinaria, CRNA, MBA, MS, DNP -
Vickie Stuart, CRNA, DNP -
Ryan Werblow, CRNA, MSN -

Andre Cruz, RN, BSN (Student Member) -


Chris Bettin, MA, Senior Director of Communications -
Marlene McDowell, MA -
Armentia Snyder, BA -
Karen L. Sutkus -

 AANA Bylaw Language

Article XIII, Section 5, H: Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee shall promote the profession of nurse anesthesia through all appropriate resources.

 Meeting Dates

  • September 7-8, 2013 - Chicago, Ill.
  • Conference Calls
  • September 12, 2014 - Orlando, FL