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 Program Committee Members and Purpose


Standing, Left to rightSheryl May, CRNA, MS, USAFR COL (ret); Rose M. Synsmir, CRNA, MSN, MA; Jamie Hogan, BS (staff); Michael Neft, CRNA, MHA, DNP; John Preston, CRNA, DNSc (staff); Jose Castillo, CRNA, MS, ARNP

Seated, Left to right -  Connie Komora (staff); Sherry H. Owens, CRNA, MSN; Chair Kristie J. Hoch, CRNA, MS; Marilyn Noettl, RN, MS (staff)

Not Pictured: Kelly Wiltse Nicely, CRNA, PhD


Committee Purpose
The AANA Program Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the continuing education programs of the Fall Leadership Academy, Mid-Year Assembly, the AANA Annual Meeting and other Association educational activities as assigned. The Committee conducts their business in face to face and distance formats throughout the year. As an essential component of the AANA’s educational process, this group helps ensure adherence to the American Nurses Credentialing Center accreditation criteria. Between meetings, the Committee maintains involvement in the aspects of the educational programs including member needs assessment, topics and faculty selection, implementation, and evaluation review of current materials as well as planning for future programs.

Member feedback is a valued part of this committee. All comments and suggestions can be forwarded to the Chair and/or staff member.

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Committee Members:

Chair, Kristie Hoch, CRNA, MS -

Jose Castillo, CRNA, MS, ARNP - 

Sheryl May, CRNA, MS, USAFR COL (ret) -

Michael Neft, CRNA, MHA, DNP

Sherry H. Owens, CRNA, MSN -

Rose M. Synsmir, CRNA, MSN, MA -

Kelly Wiltse-Nicely, CRNA, PhD -


John Preston, CRNA, PhD -

Marilyn Noettl, RN, MS -



 AANA Bylaw Language

Article XIII, Section 5, G: Programs Committee
The Program Committee shall consist of at least five active members.  It shall plan and implement the educaitonal programs of the Fall and Spring Assemblies of States and the AANA Annual Meeting.  Members of the Program Committee shall serve as consultants to the Executive Director regarding long-range plans for the Assemblies of States.  As needed, the Committee shall develop programming for other ASSOCIATION educational activities.  The Committee shall evaluate past educational activities.
To provide continuity, whenever feasible, for the Program Committee appointment structure, no more than two new members shall be appointed annually.

 Meeting Dates

  • September 7-8, 2013 - Chicago, IL
  • Conference Calls