AANA Journal Editorial Committee


 Committee Information

Committee Purpose
The AANA Journal Editorial Committee is responsible for reviewing, suggesting revisions to, and accepting or rejecting papers submitted for possible publication in the AANA Journal.

 Contact Info

​Committee Members:
Chair: Chuck Biddle, PhD, CRNA - cjbiddle@vcu.edu
Michael Dosch, PhD, CRNA - mdosch99@gmail.com
Derrick C. Glymph, DNAP, CRNA - dnapanesthesia@gmail.com
P. John Maye, PhD, CRNA - john.maye@usuhs.edu
CAPT Lisa Osborne Smith, PhD,  CRNA, NC, USN - lisa.osborne@usuhs.mil
Cormac O'Sullivan, PhD, CRNA, ARNP - cormac-osullivan@uiowa.edu
Christopher Bettin, MA, Senior Director, Communications - cbettin@aana.com
Larry Sawyer, BA, Managing Editor - lsawyer@aana.com

 AANA Bylaw Language

​No bylaw language.
The AANA Journal Editorial Committee is an ad hoc committee.

 Meeting Dates

  • Annual Conference Call scheduled in April
  • Bi-annual AANA Journal Writing Workshop (August 2017)