Health and Wellness Committee

Standing from left to right: Julie Rice, AANA staff; Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA; LT Colleen Spiri, CCRN, NC, USN, Student Representative; Cherie Burke, DNP, MSN, CRNA; and Joshua Lea, MBA, MS, CRNA.
Seated: Adrienne Hartgerink, DNP, MSN, CRNA; Michael Neft, DNP, MHA, CRNA, FNAP, FAAN, Chair.

 Committee Information

Committee Purpose
The AANA Health and Wellness Committee designs, implements, and monitors programs that foster lifelong healthy behavior decisions for AANA members. The committee mission recognizes personal and professional risk factors (such as the occupational risk for chemical dependency, workplace and personal stress, and other physical and mental disorders), and strives to address them in a manner that promotes a balanced and fulfilling personal and professional life for members. Committee work proceeds in solidarity and collaboration with the Peer Assistance Advisors Committee, over which the Health and Wellness committee has oversight. Elements of the health and wellness program include: activities and speakers at AANA meetings, including speakers for the Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Series, multiple online resources at and, the State Health and Wellness Resources, and the Wellness Milestones column in the AANA NewsBulletin.


Health and Wellness Committee Position Description

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Committee Members:

Chair, Michael Neft, DNP, MHA, CRNA, FNAP - 

Cherie Burke, DNP, MSN, CRNA -

Adrienne Hartgerink, DNP, MSN,  CRNA - 

Joshua Lea, MBA, MS, CRNA -

Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA -Peer Assistance Advisors Committee representative

LT Colleen Spiri, CCRN, NC, USN -
Student Representative


Lynn J. Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA, FNAP, Senior Director, Professional Practice -
Julie Rice, BA
Manager, Health and Wellness and Peer Assistance Programs -

 AANA Bylaw Language


​No bylaw language.

The Health and Wellness Committee is an ad hoc committee


 Meeting Dates

  • ​September 14-15, 2016 - Washington, DC
  • Conference Calls during year

Individual committee members are present at all AANA meetings and staff the Health and Wellness booth exhibit table.