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Standing from left to right: Anna Polyak, RN, JD, AANA staff; Craig Atkins, DNP, CRNA; Debra Diaz, DNP, APRN, CRNA; Jana Conover, BA, AANA staff; Debbie Barber, DNP, MS, CRNA, Chair; Terri Durbin, DNP, APN, CRNA; Kim Lanfranca, MS, CRNA; Jason Bauer, MSN, PHRN, CRNA; and Garrett Russell, BSN, CCRN, Student Representative.

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The AANA's Government Relations Committee (GRC) supports the strategy pillar of the 50-State Service Strategy, including developing tools and processes for enviroscanning, state- and issue-specific tactics and research, and advocacy competence development. The GRC also works closely with other AANA committees to facilitate successful implementation of the 50-State Service Strategy.

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​Committee Members:

Chair, Debra Barber, DNP, MS, CRNA -

Craig Atkins, DNP, CRNA -

Jason Bauer, MSN, CRNA, PHRN -

Debra Diaz, DNP, CRNA, APRN -

Terri Durbin, DNP, CRNA, APN -

Kim Lanfranca, MS, CRNA -

Garrett Russell, BSN, CCRN -
(student representative)


Anna Polyak, RN, JD, Senior Director of State Government Affairs and Legal -

Jana Conover, BA, Assistant Director of State Government Affairs and Legal


 AANA Bylaw Language

Article VII, Section 5, F: Government Relations Committee
The Government Relations Committee shall address matters pertaining to legislation and regulations, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

 Meeting Dates

  • ​September 14-15, 2016 - Washington, DC
  • Conference Calls

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