Classified Ad Specifications

CRNA Career Center Advertising Rates


AANA looks forward to helping you find the optimal candidates for your available positions. By advertising through the AANA Career Center you will be able to reach more than 90% of all Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the country. The CRNA Career Center also allows individuals to post their CV/resume in a searchable resume database for employers to search at no charge.

The ads posted online at CRNA Careers will be incorporated in the print NewsBulletin as Faculty Wanted, Positions Available, Positions Nationwide/Abroad or Relief Services as appropriate.


Pricing Options
Advertise your available position in 1) the monthly AANA NewsBulletin and the online Career Center or 2) in the bimonthly AANA Journal and the online Career Center.


1) AANA NewsBulletin (monthly) + Online Career Center
AANA NewsBulletin rate card

  • $275 for up to 225 characters (minimum charge) and $.85 for each additional character over 225.
  • Your ad will appear online within 5 business days of submission.
  • The Print version of your ad will appear in next available issue of the AANA NewsBulletin.
  • Advertisers can indicate the number of months they wish their online ad to appear and their print ad will appear in a corresponding number of issues of the NewsBulletin; the online and print ads may or may not overlap depending on when the online position is posted. (Please see publication deadlines below)
  • If you have questions, contact the Customer Service hotline: 1-877-307-5255, ext. 200, and ask for Monique.

AANA NewsBulletin
(monthly) Deadlines

Issue Ad Deadline
January November 18
February December 14
March January 20
April February 22
May March 24
June April 23
July May 21
August June 21
September July 23
October August 23
November September 22
December October 25


2) AANA Journal (bimonthly) + Online Career Center



  • The pricing options for advertising in both the AANA Journal and the online Career Center are different from those of the AANA NewsBulletin above.
  • Mindworks Communications, the advertising agency for the AANA Journal, will continue to work directly with advertisers to determine pricing, facilitate display ad submission, and manage billing and collections for display ads.
  • Along with a display ad, advertisers will also be able to submit electronically the information that will comprise the online counterpart to their Journal ad.
  • For more information, contact Monique McLaughlin at Mindworks Communications by email: or by phone: 1-877-307-5255, ext. 200.

AANA Journal
(bimonthly) Deadlines

Issue Ad Deadline
February December 22
April February 25
June April 26
August* June 4
October August 27
December October 28

* Annual Meeting Bonus Distribution
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