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Terry Wicks 

A CRNA for over twenty-five years, Terry Wicks grew up in eastern Iowa listening to the sounds of mainstream country music played by his father and his band mates in local clubs and bars.  Not surprisingly, with the First British Invasion, groups like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Moody Blues and the Who redirected his musical interests towards Rock n’ Roll.  In the early seventies, The Eagles, Pure Prairie League, Jackson Browne, and other artists blended the elements of country music and Rock n’ Roll and formed the basis of the influences that have shaped Terry’s current musical interests.Terry began playing guitar casually in college to complement his desire to express himself lyrically.   He became much more committed to creating music and refining his guitar playing after finishing his commitments as an AANA leader, and is currently focusing on the theoretical as well as practical elements of playing guitar.  Terry’s son-in-law, Alex is an accomplished keyboard player, and today Terry and Alex are collaborating to write and record original music. 

 Terry Wicks Talent Video


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CRNAs and SRNAs are a talented and generous group of individuals.  This talent will be put to the test at a competition set for August 12, 2013 at the AANA Foundation fundraising event, Vegas – The Stars Come Out At Night, in Las Vegas where two winners will be announced:

• People’s Choice – determined by the number of votes cast in pre-event and event voting
• Judge’s Choice – determined by a panel of judges at the event

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