John F. Garde Researcher of the Year Award

The Researcher of the Year Award is named in memory of John F. Garde, a previous Foundation Trustee, AANA Executive Director and charter member of the AANA Foundation. John was instrumental in the creation of the Foundation and realized the importance of supporting nurse anesthesia long into the future. He was a leader whose accomplishments are remarkable by anyone’s standards. The John F. Garde Researcher of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the practice of anesthesia through research.


2015 Award
The AANA Foundation presents the prestigious 2015 John F. Garde Researcher of the Year award to Bonnie Molloy, CRNA, PhD. Molloy is Chief CRNA, a quality review and risk manager for Bridgeport Hospital, and a director of research instructor for the School of Nurse Anesthesia. In addition, she is the president of the Bridgeport Ladies Auxiliary for fundraising and education. She has been the recipient of the AANA Making a Difference in Research Award along with several grants for financial support of her research and the students she mentored.  Bonnie’s research has had a strong impact on safety in anesthesia care during robotic procedures. She has provided oral presentations locally and internationally with posters to the ASA, AANA, and Society of Ophthalmologists, to name a few.  She has received grants to support her own research and has published for the AANA and other journals. Molloy has involved her SRNA, CRNA, and physician colleagues in these projects and furthered their experience and understanding of the research process. By interacting with colleagues to create a research-oriented atmosphere, she is an outstanding research ‘magnet’: a problem solver, a research role model, an educational stimulus, and a mentor of others. 


Previous Researchers of the Year
2000 - Denise Martin-Sheridan, CRNA, EdD
2001 - Thomas E. Obst, CRNA, PhD
2002 - Francis Gerbasi, CRNA, PhD
2002 - Joseph Pellegrini, CRNA, DNSc
2003 - Michele E. Gold, CRNA, PhD
2004 - Karen Crawforth, CRNA, PhD
2005 - Clarence Biddle, CRNA, PhD
2006 - Normalynn Garrett, CRNA, PhD
2007 - Charles Vacchiano, CRNA, PhD, CAPT, NC, USN (Ret)
2008 - Michael Fallacaro, CRNA, DNS
2009 - CDR John Maye, CRNA, PhD, NC, USN
2010 - Charles A. Griffis, CRNA, PhD
2011 - Maureen P. Reilly, CRNA, MSN, MHS, PhD
2012 - Bruce Schoneboom, CRNA, PhD, FAAN
2013 - Paul Austin, CRNA, PhD
2014 - Ladan Eshkevari, CRNA, PhD, LAc


Application materials for the John F. Garde Researcher of the Year Award.

Make a gift to the John F. Garde Endowment Fund and select JF Garde Fund from the drop down.  


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