Vegas - The Stars Come Out at Night

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Lynn Reede and Wonedwossen Goshu 

Lynn Reede has enjoyed performing since she was very young with her friend and family in her neighborhood. Her first acting role in high school was as Valentine Perkins with six lines in Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. Musical theater soon became her passion playing Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, Glenda the Good Witch of the East in Wizard of Oz, the Luisa in the Fantastics and Jane in Stop the World I Want to Get Off as well as Nancy Twinkle who sang and danced her heart out in Little Mary Sunshine. Life got a little too busy to spend the hours necessary to rehearse and perform as the years unfolded. Hearing the Foundation call for talent and Wonedwossen saying we have to do it, we will win; Lynn knew that it was another chance to take the stage for something she cares deeply about – our profession.

Every comic needs someone who will laugh and encourage the unwinding of a simple story turned to rich humor. Working in the OR for over 30 years, Lynn learned to encourage others to tell wonderful stories. Her dancing partner, Wonedwossen, has traveled widely and has many observations of life to base his entertaining stories on. Enjoy and vote often with your dollars for research!!

Dr. Goshu, The Ethiopian Cowboy, has enjoyment and passion for performing, and making people laugh did not outweigh his concern on whether the audience was laughing WITH him or AT him…(it’s still a mystery….) Of his many revered performances that have no doubt prepared him for this breakout comedic phenomenon in support of the AANA Foundation event, The Stars Come Out at Night, Goshu was once a Mark Twain ingénue. Told by a teacher to audition for the upcoming summer’s “Huckleberry Finn,” it was with great confidence that he recognized her sharp ability to spot talent when she saw it and thus with great panache, he effortlessly secured the key role of “background slave.” Dr. Goshu has been working as a CRNA since 2004, after graduating from St. Mary's University. He appreciates what he refers to as a "lovely profession" due to its challenges, hands on nature, and the opportunity to serve patients during what is typically a scary time for them and their families.  His love for the stage and the arts were what inspired his 2010 independent film, “Shut Your Blog Off,” which he directed and produced, and which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.  In addition, Goshu edited “Love Jazz,” an award winning documentary film.  He continues to research future film content and material. But wait…. You are all wondering why he is known as the Ethiopian Cowboy???  Because it didn’t take a nursing degree to get the approval of his fellow Texans.  The blood, sweat and tears of hard work, fellowship, mentoring, volunteering and securing the education and experience that got him good standing in his nursing career didn’t impress Texas. Nope.  No Siree. It was the swanky new cowboy boots he purchased on a whim that turned heads, and got him the nod from Texas at large.  He had arrived! Whether it is his offbeat nature, his wacky sense of humor, seasoned (yet awkward) approach or, let's face it, the devil-may-care sexy swagger wrought by his cowboy boots, you too will get sucked in by the electrifying, the cavelier, the marginally funny...Ethiopian Cowboy! (And if you aren't, just pay your buck and vote for him anyway; it's for a good cause, people!!!) Enjoy!! 

 Lynn Reede Talent Video


 Wonedwossen Goshu Talent Video


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CRNAs and SRNAs are a talented and generous group of individuals.  This talent will be put to the test at a competition set for August 12, 2013 at the AANA Foundation fundraising event, Vegas – The Stars Come Out At Night, in Las Vegas where two winners will be announced:

• People’s Choice – determined by the number of votes cast in pre-event and event voting
• Judge’s Choice – determined by a panel of judges at the event

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