FAQ: Navigation

​The main navigation for the AANA website is now two tabs across the top of the website. One tab says “AANA” – this is the public side navigation. The other tab says “MyAANA” – this is for the member side navigation. If you click on MyAANA, you will be asked to log in to view the member navigation. See graphic:

There is a sectional navigation along the left side – it will only appear when you are within a certain section of the website. For instance, if you click on AANA Affiliates and go to AANA Foundation, you will see navigation on the left side that is specific to the Foundation’s section of the site. See graphic:

You will notice that there is a footer navigation at the bottom of every page. This is the same navigation that you will find within the dual-tab navigation across the top, but instead of dropdown menus, the navigation is already expanded. It is specific to either the public or the member side, depending on where you are. See graphic:

 There is a Quicklinks menu that is above the AANA logo at the top of every page – it contains links to important areas of the website for quick navigation. Off to the right, above the search field, are the icons for Facebook and Twitter. If you click on either of them, you will be taken to the AANA’s Facebook page or Twitter stream, respectively. See graphic:
To get back to the main homepage (www.aana.com) from anywhere on the site, click on the AANA logo with the caduceus. See graphic above.



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