Textbook Authors to Sign Books Aug. 12

Student registered nurse anesthetists, or CRNAs wanting to brush up on their knowledge, can purchase copies of AANA’s newest textbooks and have them signed by the authors. Starting Monday, Aug. 12, from 1:30 p.m., Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD, author of “Evidence Trumps Belief,” and Sass Elisha, CRNA, EdD, co-author of “Critical Events in Anesthesia: A Clinical Guide for Nurse Anesthetists,” will be in the AANA Pavilion signing books and addressing readers’ questions.
This expanded second edition of “Evidence Trumps Belief” includes additional chapters that make the text more versatile and provide readers a better foundation for achieving statistical power, identifying biomedical betrayal, and spotting statistical errors in published reports. Biddle is editor-in-chief of the AANA Journal. The book is on sale for $26.95.
An AANA bestseller, “Critical Events in Anesthesia” by Sass Elisha, CRNA, EdD, Mark Gabot, CRNA, MSN, and Jeremy Heiner, CRNA, MSN, is a pocket-sized guide that presents step-by-step information on how to identify and treat common and uncommon crises that can arise during anesthesia care. Each chapter has a concise outline format for quick reference. This book is a valuable resource for practicing clinicians, educators, and learners alike. It is on sale for $37.50.