Preview of Tuesday Concurrent Sessions

Rounding out the Annual Meeting, Tuesday’s Concurrent Sessions will examine topics pertinent to patient health—in the form of potential illnesses—and CRNA health—looking at addiction and legal issues. The sessions will take place from 10 a.m. to noon and are worth 2 CE credits each.
301 - Montego
“Understanding Malignant Hyperthermia: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention”
Debra R. Merritt, CRNA, MSN
This session will cover all aspects of malignant hyperthermia—from describing its pathophysiology to recognizing the clinical findings that signify a crisis to formulating a treatment protocol.
“Anaphylaxis: Are You Ready?”
Lou Ann M. Bowen, CRNA, BA
Attendees will learn how to recognize and treat anaphylaxis and develop a tool kit for rapid response.
302 – Mirage Events Center C2
“Medical Malpractice: Implications for Nurse Anesthesia Practice”
Lynn Fitzgerald Macksey, CRNA, MSN
Macksey will discuss four elements needed by plaintiffs’ attorneys to successfully prosecute medical-practice cases and which of them is most important.
“Medical Malpractice: Charting to Keep Yourself Out of a Lawsuit”
Lynn Fitzgerald Macksey, CRNA, MSN
After the session, participants will be able to describe, in detail, actions healthcare providers should take to minimize their own risks of culpability in medical malpractice lawsuits.
303 – Mirage Events Center C3
“Addiction—A Constant Human Companion—Especially Close and Affectionate in the Operating Room”
CF Ward, MD
This session will review the history of drug use and the current dimensions and details impacting anesthesia care. Participants will discuss the professional and personal factors in drug diversion, addiction, treatment, and recovery.