Preview of Saturday New Speakers and Hot Topics Sessions

​A veritable smorgasbord of anesthesia-related topics will be presented at the New Speakers and Hot Topics session, ending at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Montego Ballroom. The session is worth 3 CE credits.
  • "Emergence Delirium Subsequent to General Anesthesia in Service Members Who Served During the Global War on Terrorism"
    Major John Tyler Wilson, CRNA, PhD, will delve into emergence delirium—when the emergence from general anesthesia is accompanied by psychomotor agitation. Wilson will educate audience members about the signs and symptoms associated with emergence delirium as well as how to preoperatively identify patients who may experience it.
  • "Anesthesia for the Patient with One Ventricle"
    Kristine S. Faust, CRNA, DNAP, MBA, will examine the physiology and procedures related to a single ventricle patient. By the end of the lecture, attendees will be able to identify the three stages of repair for such a patient as well as the anesthesia implications of each stage.
  • "Social Media in Anesthesia"
    Detailing both the positive and negative impacts of social media on anesthesia care is the task of Thomas S. Davis, CRNA, MAE. He will cover the ways in which social media use is appropriate and enhances communication in a healthcare environment as well as when it can cause costly distractions.
  • "Cognitive Aging: Maintaining Your Edge"
    In a topic pertinent to everyone, Nicholas W. Gabriel, CRNA, PhDc, will tackle how the brain compensates for the normal process of aging.
  • "ABCs of Pediatric Anesthesia: Tips and Tricks for Tots"
    Turning her attention to the smallest patient group, Heather J. Rankin, CRNA, MSN, will describe NPO guidelines for pediatric patients. She’ll also cover guidelines and medication techniques when dealing with children.
  • "Making Our Patients Safer in the OR: It’s all about Feedback"
    Joseph F. Lipscomb, CRNA, MS, will cover how to carry out effective patient safety processes in the operation room.