Expanded Second Edition of "Evidence Trumps Belief" Available Now

An expanded second edition of "Evidence Trumps
Belief: Nurse Anesthetists
and Evidence-Based Decision Making," by Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD, AANA Journal editor-in-chief, is available now through the AANA Bookstore. The book contains additional chapters that make the text more versatile and provide readers a better foundation for achieving statistical power, identifying biomedical betrayal, and spotting statistical errors in published reports.
“Evidence-based decision making is a complex interplay among often competing domains of knowledge, experience, and patient concerns.  It was clear in the wake of the first edition that vital information was missing,” said Biddle.
In revising and expanding the book, Biddle takes aim at some of the more prominent criticisms of evidence-based decision making, such as that it’s over-reliant on randomized trials, there is insufficient time to accomplish what is required, and the available evidence is flawed and contradictory.
“There will always be pockets of resistance to any evolving paradigm,” Biddle continued. “The major critics of evidence-based decision making are generally blinded to their own biases and seem prone to select out observations, views, and studies that support their preconceived notions of how things should be done.”
The new chapters will focus on publication bias, advanced statistical considerations, mega-databases, methodological power, number-needed-to-treat, and new research methods such as the adaptive clinical trial. Biddle said the added material will provide the reader with a better foundation for systematized thinking.
Biddle is a tenured full professor and staff anesthetist at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va. He earned his doctorate in the outcomes sciences of epidemiology. A nurse anesthetist for nearly 30 years, his research has always been grounded in the broad domain of patient safety and marshaling evidence-based decisions to the patient. He believes this approach maximizes the opportunity to engage in truly patient-centric care because it merges science, personal skill set, and a humanist approach to decision making.
"Evidence Trumps Belief" is published by the AANA and available here.