Authors Can Have Questions Answered in Writers Workshop

Nurse anesthetists who aspire to publish will want to attend the AANA Journal Writing Workshop from 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday in Jamaica A. Those who attend the full two hours will receive 2 CE credits. The first part of the workshop will answer some conceptual aspects of academic publishing—Why are you here? What do you want to learn? Why publish? Where do ideas come from? It will also examine some personal and professional factors such as targeting an audience. Attendees at the open forum will be able to ask questions and discuss manuscript ideas. Presenters will include Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD, editor-in-chief of the AANA Journal; and AANA Journal Associate Editors Michael P. Dosch, CRNA, PhD; CAPT John P. Maye, CRNA, PhD, NC, USN; and CDR Lisa A. Osborne, CNRA, PhD, NC, USN.
The second half of the workshop will explore the practical side of publishing. It will cover topics like navigating the peer review process, anticipating reviewer concerns, and submission to publication. The panel will examine ethical conundrums such as plagiarism, authorship, and conflicts of interest. It will also offer the final perspectives of the editor-in-chief. Speakers will include Biddle; AANA Journal Associate Editor Sass Elisha, CRNA, EdD; and Managing Editor Larry Sawyer, BA.