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Tweeting With Class

Twitter is a social media network, or what some call a micro-blog. Once you set up a Twitter account, you can "tweet" in 140-character posts. In spite of the small character count, a great deal can be communicated. Twitter provides an instantaneous way to convey news to members and non-members alike from the AANA Annual Meeting, August 4-8, 2012, in San Francisco.

To learn how to use Twitter, go to the Twitter website.

AANA has made it easy to communicate what's going on at the Annual Meeting by supplying specialized hashtags (see sidebar below) for each of the sessions being held at the meeting. Those interested in what's being said in particular sessions being held at the Annual Meeting can search for the corresponding hashtag through Twitter's search function, and follow the news from the session.

Those who tweet from the sessions should remember to add the session's hashtag to their tweets, as seen in the graphic above.

The purpose of being able to communicate what has been said in a session is to pass on professional knowledge or interesting facts that might be of use to your colleagues. In this age of information overload, it's important to remember what Albert Einstein once said: "Information is not knowledge." Just because you can say it, doesn't mean it adds anything or fulfills a purpose. Meaningful tweets will be the most useful to your colleagues and to you.

Tweet with class!


 Annual Meeting Twitter Hashtags

Meeting or Session Twitter Hashtag
AANA Annual Meeting #aanamtg
Resolutions and Bylaws Hearing #aanamtgrbh
Saturday Sessions
SA01 – Assembly of School Faculty #aanamtgSA01
First-Timer Orientation #aanamtg1st
SA02 – So You Want to be a Speaker #aanamtgSA02
SA03 – Regional Didactic #aanamtgSA03
Anesthesia Pioneers Meeting #aanamtgpioneers
History/Archives Meeting #aanamtghistory
SA04 – Student Session #aanamtgSA04
Student Focus Session #aanamtgsfs
Sunday Sessions  
SU01 – General Session – Difficult Airway #aanamtgSU01
Opening Ceremonies #aanamtgopen
SU02 – Keynote Session #aanamtgSU02
Exhibit Hall Opening
Military CRNA Updates #aanamtgmil
Monday Sessions  
Seventh Annual Wake-Up for Wellness Fun Walk/Run #aanamtgwalk
MO01 – General Session – What’s My Worth? #aanamtgMO01
Difficult Airway Hands-on Lab #aanamtgdiff
Ultrasound Hands-on Lab #aanamtgultra
Exhibit Hall #aanamtgexh
MO02 – Neuro #aanamtgMO02
MO03 – Trauma #aanamtgMO03
MO04 – Complications in Anesthesia #aanamtgMO04
MO05 – Technology #aanamtgMO05
Student Luncheon #aanamtglunch
MO06 – Neuro #aanamtgMO06
MO07 – Trauma #aanamtgMO07
MO08 – Complications in Anesthesia #aanamtgMO08
MO09 – Technology #aanamtgMO09
MO10 – Health & Wellness #aanamtgMO10
MO11 – State of the Science #aanamtgMO11
Open Anesthetists in Recovery Support Meeting #aanamtgpeer
23rd Anesthesia College Bowl #aanamtgbowl
Tuesday Sessions  
TU01 – General Session – Bullying in the OR #aanamtgTU01
AANA Foundation Annual Golf Outing #aanamtggolf
Exhibit Hall #aanamtgexh
Difficult Airway Lab #aanamtgdiff
Ultrasound Lab #aanamtgultra
TU02 – General Session – First Do No Harm #aanamtgTU02
TU03 – General Session – Jan Stewart Speaker: Younger Next Year #aanamtgTU03
TU04 – General Session – Patient Outcomes: Does CE Make a Difference #aanamtgTU04
TU05 – General Session – Perioperative Neuromuscular Blockade: Time for Another Look​ #aanamtgTU05​
Regional Meetings #aanamtgrm
Wednesday Sessions  
WE01 – Pharmacology #aanamtgWE01
WE02 – Improving Quality in Anesthesia #aanamtgWE02
WE03 – Current Hot Topics #aanamtgWE03
WE04 – Pediatrics/OB #aanamtgWE04
WE05 – Diversity and Inclusion #aanamtgWE05
WE06 – Pharmacology #aanamtgWE06
WE07 – Improving Quality in Anesthesia #aanamtgWE07
WE08 – Current Hot Topics #aanamtgWE08
WE09 – Pediatrics/OB #aanamtgWE09
WE10 – Educator #aanamtgWE10
Annual Banquet #aanamtgbanquet