What Does AANA’s Team in Washington, D.C., Do for You?

Your AANA has an office in Washington that works in Congress and before federal agencies in support of CRNA practice and reimbursement. During the AANA Annual Meeting, your AANA Federal Government Affairs team is available for consultation at our FGA/CRNA PAC Booth in the Exhibit Hall’s AANA Pavilion. “What would you possibly want to consult with the FGA staff about?” you might ask. “What does the AANA FGA office do?” 
If you are interested in learning more about how Medicare impacts your practice or what you can do to monitor reimbursement trends, stop by to see us. If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, including the non-discrimination language or the implementation of health insurance exchanges (“marketplaces”), come on over. If you  need to know more about the rural pass-through for CRNAs, on-call pay provisions or anesthesiologists’ attempts to increase health care costs in rural communities, our booth is the place. If you are a CRNA educator and are wondering about reimbursement for teaching or are curious about the GNE, Title VIII or other appropriations items, swing on by. Maybe you want to know how you can advance our profession by volunteering as a key contact, a state reimbursement specialist or a federal political director, or by contributing to the CRNA-PAC.
Come join your AANA Federal Government Affairs team at our booth for a game of “PAC Pong,” and we would be delighted to offer you a warm welcome and answer your questions!