What a Rat Pack Night

The Rat Pack returned to Las Vegas in grand style as the CRNA-PAC hosted over 200 PAC supporters last night at the Gehry-designed Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health. The scene was spellbinding, with CRNAs sporting fedoras and Marilyn Monroe look-alike gowns as they shared specialty cocktails and enjoyed timeless hits of the era such as “New York, New York” and “Luck be a Lady.” 
As usual, the CRNA-PAC auction was a madhouse, with competitive bidding raising thousands of dollars for the only PAC in the U.S. that fights in Washington solely for CRNAs, the CRNA-PAC.
The venue for the event was the iconic architectural landmark in Las Vegas designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. The unique design of the building was evident as “AANA turquoise” lights shone to arriving CRNAs via the building's 199 windows, of which no two are alike. In such a beautiful building with our “Rat PAC” tribute show, the real entertainment was generated by the charisma and the camaraderie of the CRNAs in attendance. 
What a night! On behalf of CRNA-PAC Chair Ruth Morris, CRNA, MS, a most sincere thank you to the many AANA members and staff who made this evening a success.