Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Did you enjoy all the educational offerings of the AANA Annual Congress? The learning doesn’t stop in Salt Lake City! Check out these upcoming workshops from the AANA, and hone both your clinical and political skills. For all upcoming meetings, visit the meetings page.

Upper and Lower Extremity Block Workshop

This program, Sept. 26-27 at AANA headquarters in Park Ridge, Ill., will expand the skills and expertise of CRNAs using upper and lower extremity block anesthesia. The program will include case studies, hands-on demonstrations, return demonstrations, and skill validation. Register today.

Essentials of Obstetric Analgesia/Anesthesia Workshop

AANA's Essentials of Obstetric Analgesia/Anesthesia Workshop, Oct. 21 at AANA headquarters in Park Ridge, Ill., will address normal and abnormal physiology of pregnancy as well as pharmacology and current techniques in this specialty. Case presentations will enhance lecture material. Time will be allotted for group discussion of representative clinical cases. Register today.
Spinal and Epidural Workshop

The Spinal and Epidural Workshop, Oct. 22-24 at AANA headquarters in Park Ridge, Ill., provides a thorough overview using lecture and guided hands-on experiences of epidural and spinal anesthesia procedures. Register today.

Jack Neary Pain Management Workshop Part II

The second installment of AANA’s Jack Neary Pain Management Workshop Part II, Oct. 10-11 in Rosemont, Ill., offers CRNAs practical experience in interventional pain management. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice pain management techniques on human cadavers and simulators. Completion of Jack Neary I and Advanced Physical Assessment for Pain Practice (which took place May 30) is required in order to register for Part II. Register today.

Fall Leadership Academy

This year’s Fall Leadership Academy, Nov. 6-8, is in suburban Chicago.